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My Diverse Network

My network is made up of various machines and operating systems. I run Windows , Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Mac OSX. I have a Asus RT-N16 router flashed with ASUSWRT-MERLIN, a brand new NAS that hosts this site, and a host of other boxen which run the OS's listed above. I also have network access from my wifi enabled phone, an Android based Samsung Galaxy S5, but some days I miss my old phone an HTC Touch Pro (CDMA). I have a 24 port switch and an APC UPS that are integral parts of the network. There is one HP PSC 2110 that handles all of the print/copy/scan functions for all of the machines attached to the network be it wired or wireless. Storage and Backups are handled by a 1 TB Seagate USB external hard drive. I also have a couple of laptops that connect wirelessly. These are where I do most of my daily work. The rest of the network is an ongoing experiment in itself. I use it to learn and test things. Well, that just about covers everything.